together into our story, making process and ignition. Let us guide you through our journey.


Head to toe equipment with a SPF 50+ will protect your body from the harsh sun rays during summer and the quick-dry and moisture wicking material will keep you comfortable during your workout sessions.

a long way of creation

Each piece of clothing you are wearing comes a long way of creation and careful evaluation by our team. First thing first - we need to create a pattern and a cut. That's a deep process where we investigate different fabrics and shapes so we can deliver a product that fits perfectly and looks brilliant. We have in mind that every colour, shape and placement is important for highlighting the curves or hiding the imperfections.

High Performance

It is important to wear squat-proven apparel with higher compression qualities if you want to improve your achievements. That's why we have chosen a 4-way stretch fabric that shapes your body and helps with the blood flow keeping your oxygen levels high.

Most of our designs

were first drawn freehand and on later stages digitalised, and sent for sublimation by our design team. Our goal is a balance between tones and shades, objects, lines and symmetry. The nature will be always the greatest inspiration. We are not just placing the inks on top of the fabric. We wanted to make sure that it lasts long without losing its brightness and the density of the colors. That's why we are sublimating it by implementing the ink directly into the fabric's fibers by applying very high temperature and pressure.


You will find that feather-like softness, high stretchiness and lightweight can stand side by side in one garment. We also know how important it is for your body to breathe in and out easily.

Each piece

of clothing is being cut in the shape for the ordered product and later sewed by hand. We are a small business and as such we are striving to achieve excellence. That is the reason we have added a "Personalization option" for most of our garments. You can add your name/initials on the back side of the belt. And if that's not good enough - we will give you a hint: That will make a great gift for everybody. A piece of clothing with amazing finest touches. You know what they say - the perfection is in the detail. Sewing elastic materials is not an easy task so we had to make sure that they are durable and very stretchy. Each garment goest through 5 different production stages (machines) in our atelier to be completely ready for adventures. We are also a huge fan of the elastic threads and the highest quality of zippers. Finally, we package it beautifully and send it on its way to you

A note from our ceo

Born 1988, released in 2018.

I believe I've been always closely linked to aesthetics and by contemplating nature and its phenomenon on later stages, I've realised that we are always struggling to improve ourselves and aim for perfection. My passion for symmetry is one way it could be expressed and I'm fulfilling it through designing symmetrical lines that are implemented into my activewear.Nature is perfection and I find its manifestation into the people's curves and shapes, inspiring my work.We also have a mission to accomplish - as a society we have a commitment to preserve our home. That's why I donate 2% of each sale for helping bees strive by planting native plants. - Simeon Gerakev

Inks and Patterns

Our sportswear is inked with a unique printing method which allows the paint to be absorbed by the fabric and not just on top of it. If treated correctly (please, refer to the care instructions) the ink will stay permanently without fading away.


Thanks to its innovative construction, our lycra is denser than common polyester fabrics and offers an extraordinary stretching, breathing and bacteriostatic properties. Resistant to chlorine, pilling, and abrasions, it has supreme UV protection (UPF 50+) and boasts an excellent shaping and compression characteristics..

Made to order

We design our garments from scratch. That's why you've got the option to add your name on the back side of the belt right next to our logo. We are an equilibrium and we are equally important for the future of the brand. Each piece is first drawn by hand and later digitalised and transferred to the fabric by our genius designers.
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