Polar Bear Sparkling Tights

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Your day was exhausting, so you really, really at least need to go for a quick workout. You open your gym bag and inside - there's the pair with the cutest Christmas polar bears that wait for you to put on.  Welcome those cute leggings with a bright smile and know that you are supported all the way during your session. This pattern causes your stomach to tingle; with the warm, smooth sparkling blue and the funny bears smile back at you in the mirrors.

The Orange-Blue Plaid yoga pants are made from a shaping fabric featuring a sculpting effect around the hips and an extra push-up for the booty. The design provides additional support in particular zones for an enhanced contour. The belt of the high-waisted yoga pants features a double layer of booty shaping fabric + a quality elastic inside which offers further comfort without limiting the movement. The fabric has UPF 50+ protection. The perfect leggings for your next workout or yoga session!

    + Reliable elastic inside the waist belt
    + High waisted design
    + Sizing from XS to XXL
    + BootySculpted Signature Sculpting Cut
    + Moisture-wicking properties
    + All 4-ways super stretchable fabric
    + Wide Leggings's waistband design for additional support 
    + Non-transparent and squat proved
    + Quick-dry
    + UV protection 50+ SPF
    + Extra-long for ankle coverage
    + Inner Lining for our sports bras and gym bodysuits

    Performance means details:

    Our team of sports designers, bodybuilders, and competitors have broadly analyzed kinesiology and mechanics in the human body movement. We have researched and examined the work of our joints, fibers, and muscles in fine detail. This study has crowned our team with a brand we called BootySculpted.

    Biomechanical studies we have conducted with our activewear and with another brand of sportswear have shown increased lower torso/leg stability and endurance and higher balance during sprinting and cardio activities, reduced joint shock during the foot-strike phase, and reduced rate of fatigue throughout and following exercise thanks to our fabrics and shapes.

    Fastest drying fabric

    This is the speediest drying fabric known to man. It transfers moisture immediately from the body out to the fabric’s outer surface by a uniquely engineered blend of hollow polyester fibers where it evaporates at twice the speed of cotton. Designed to improve breathability.

    700% Stretchiness and retention

    Its exceptional properties of stretch and recovery provide great comfort and freedom of movement by stable shape retention. (can be stretched more than 700% yet springs back to its original shape once tension is released.)
    It is composed of  flexible segments bonded together with rigid, segments which gives the fibre it’s built-in, lasting elasticity. 

    Bacteriostatic with 50+ UPF

    Their fibers are ideal for our transfer printing since they are engineered to enhance the brightness of tones. Thanks to their innovative structure they offer extraordinary coverage in its white version. They are also bacteriostatic and hydrophilic, chlorine resistant, have anti-pilling and abrasions propertied and are UV protective (UPF 50+)

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