together into our story, making process and ignition. Let us guide you through our journey. From fabrics through inks; from inspiration to the last touches on our patterns; our team takes care of every little detail in your garment - from start to finish. All manufacturing processes are strict and the production - focused in Bulgaria only to maximize the quality. We came to stay and so the quality we offer is leading, sturdy, and firm. That's our way to say thank you and show appreciation to our customers. We just care.

A long way of creation

Each piece of clothing you are wearing comes a long way of creation and careful evaluation by our team. First thing first - we need to create a pattern and a cut. That's a deep process where we investigate different fabrics and shapes so we can deliver a product that fits perfectly and looks brilliant. We have in mind that every colour, shape and placement is important for highlighting the curves or hiding the imperfections. We make everything in our home town - Sofia, Bulgaria.

Complex protection

Head to toe equipment with a SPF 50+ will protect your body from the harsh sun rays during summer and the quick-dry and moisture wicking material will keep you comfortable during your workout sessions.


Most of our designs were first drawn freehand and on later stages digitalised, and sent for sublimation by our design team. Our goal is a balance between tones and shades, objects, lines and symmetry. We are not just placing the inks on top of the fabric. We wanted to make sure that it lasts long without losing its brightness and the density of the colors. That's why we are sublimating it by implementing the ink directly into the fabric's fibers by applying very high temperature and pressure.

High Performance

It is important to wear squat-proven apparel with higher compression qualities if you want to improve your achievements. That's why we have chosen a 4-way stretch fabric that shapes your body and helps with the blood flow keeping your oxygen levels high.


Sewing elastic materials is not an easy task so we had to make sure that they are durable and very stretchy. Each garment goest through 5 different production stages (machines) in our atelier to be completely ready for adventures. We are also a huge fan of the elastic threads and the highest quality of zippers.

social impact

We are a small business and as such we are striving to achieve excellence. Our activewear is handmade in a small atelier located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We take care of the healthy wages and the good social impact of the local supply chain associated with the production of our garments. You can rest assured your clothing is created under ethical conditions and fair trade. All garments are made-to-order uniquely for you, and this process can take 3-5 business days, on top of delivery. Finally, we package it beautifully and send it with love.


You will find that feather-like softness, high stretchiness and lightweight can stand side by side in one garment. We also know how important it is for your body to breathe in and out easily.

Technical stuff

They might be boring for most of us but they are the foundation pillars of the great final product.

Fastest drying fabric

*CoolMax* A quick-drying fabric that transfers moisture immediately from the body out to the fabric’s outer surface by a uniquely engineered blend of hollow polyester fibers where it evaporates at twice the speed of cotton. Designed to improve breathability

700% Stretchiness and retention

*Lycra* Its exceptional properties of stretch and recovery provide great comfort and freedom of movement by stable shape retention. It can be stretched more than 700% yet springs back to its original shape once tension is released. It is composed of flexible segments bonded together with rigid sections which give the fiber its built-in, lasting elasticity.

Bacteriostatic with 50+ UPF

*Carvico fibers* are ideal for our transfer printing since they are engineered to enhance the brightness of tones. Thanks to their innovative structure they offer extraordinary coverage in its white version. They are also bacteriostatic and hydrophilic, chlorine resistant, have anti-pilling and abrasions propertied, and are UV protective (UPF 50+)
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