15 ways to tame a stud



Well hello, girl.
Yep - I know you could be a guy reading this with a smile on your face. Just be aware that at the end of the article you'll be doubting everything, raddle and will probably begin to show signs of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's funny because it's true.

Have you ever wondered why some men are acting like little bitches under a "macho" coverage recently? Yeah, we all observe it, and we are all affected by it. I'm not willing to crown myself as a psychotherapist so I won't go deep into the reasons for that shift. However, I am pretty sure I have the experience to advise you how to turn around the roles and sit on your Queen's throne once and for all. No - my advise is not "Get him out of your life" that's too easy and lame. It's "Taming of the Shrew" time but this time we'll tame the stud. Let's get on it!

You love looking at him and admire every one of his actions while he's kinda.. turning around after every good-looking girl that passes. He's always been a honey-mouthed and will promise many things but he somehow forgets to call you... for a week. While you are looking for an explanation he smiles and replies " It was an exhausting and a busy week but I was thinking about you". Your first voice " Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope everything's fine by now". Your second voice " Yeah, and I will probably ruin your life even further if you just give me a call?!" So you two see each other once per week and he finds it totally normal. And that's for one year now...It's time to step in.

Sister, keep in mind - you are not the only one. He's more than sure dating other girls and talking the same shit. But relax - there is a way to make him run after you and kiss your feet.


A quick tip: This cute lady-killer is not a pain in the ass when you know how to deal with him. Be calm and play the game. You can see it as a sweet challenge.

He could play the game really well - but you give him the cards.
Imagine you are playing chess. Men are so easy to be exposed. Just think two steps ahead. Because they won't. Their instinct makes them act primary and elementary.

*Start off with ANSWWRING EVERY SINGLE CALL and text message in front of him. But hey - don't start chatting with your bestie for ages. Just a quick pick up and a " Hey... Nice to hear from you, can't speak right now, I will call you later" will do the job. Or "Can I call you later?" - then hang up, smile politely and act embarrassed. Even if your mom calls to ask if you watched the video with the tarantula on a Lilly flower - act like you don't want to share who's calling. If he asks reply "Aaam *a small panic attack*, mom?". Of course, he won't buy it.


Once per every 5 times - just act stressed from the call and turn on silence mode. He'll freak out. I mean - what are you hiding from him, Missis??

*DON'T BE FOOLED BY HIS MASK - he gets jealous of your EX-BOYFRIENDS. And since you two are just "handing out" you can't see a good reason why not to talk with them. Here's a trick - make your best friend call you by another name and start flirting with you (just a little). It's your birthday? That's the perfect occasion for you to enjoy all the attention of your ex men. Make sure you show you are special and appreciated by them. Or maybe you can send flowers yourself with a note "I still miss you. John". Jesus - you hardly remember who's John. Why he's sending you flowers?! Heehee. Here's another one - leave your phone on the table and make sure it will light up from the message (your best friend have sent you) "I'm thinking of you". Then put your poker face on and turn around the phone.

*You two are talking on the phone. It's your turn: "Oops, sorry, it's my second line, I will call you later". No, you won't.


* DON'T PICK UP immediately. And don't pick up every single time! If he asks why didn't you call. " Sorry, I was talking with an old friend of mine". "Oh, you called?? Sorry, didn't hear my phone I was in the bathtub" Yes, I know you can't lie in that tub for 3 hours. He knows it, too. ;)

* He calls you in the last moment. DON'T ACT MAD. Smile even though it's forcibly and tell with your sweetest voice: "So sweet of you, but I've just planned my evening.", "What about some other time?", " Hey, I am with a friend, is it important because can't talk right now". Then keep on with your online shopping and booty exercises. We can surely help you with that. :D

Most of those men are compensating something that THEY believe is missing in them. The overconfidence is a sure sign of it. Maybe he is working out way too much, he is driving an expensive car that's a bit more expensive than it should be judging by his job, he is showing a life status in a more obvious way, etc. Observe him carefully and investigate his weak spots. Now it's your turn:
"Babe, since when you've been out of the gym?"
"Oh, God, did you start drinking much beer?" " Did you lose/gain weight?" "Please, don't pay the whole bill... Let's share, I don't want to be a burden to you", "Do you want me to pay the gas?", "Hun, you'd better stop eating doughnuts for a few months". Don't go too far and don't ask "Is it inside?" You got the idea.

* SEX. Be FIRE in bed but never initiate it. Let him take care of it. And don't jump on it every single time. Use some shitty excuses like "Nah, I need to pee". But you never go to the WC. " I'm exhausted. Would appreciate a massage on my back instead". If he's acting like a calm soul - there you go - now his soul is set ON FIRE.
We all know those annoying questions " Did you orgasm?", "How was it?"
For goodness sake - don't answer! Smile and change the topic with "Oh, the dinner was delicious... Were you talking about it?", "By the way, I think I heard it's raining outside.", "I'm going to take a shower.".

* DON'T CRY over silly things. If he was rude to you - don't just watch the ground and say nothing. If he says something hurtful like "What's wrong with your hair?" And he will because he'll try to turn the favour, hold your chin up, look him in the eyes and whisper "Next time you say it - make sure you've booked an appointment for my hairdresser. And paid for it." If he says " You can't cook" -> "So maybe you want to take us out on a dinner every night? I'm alright with that.". Don't hold you sh*t inside - show him you've got an opinion and he's not your boss. Like AT ALL. Like Beyonce once said " To the left, to the left. Don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable." Feel that! :D "I can have another you by tomorrow." - repeat this several times a day.

* Remember - you are not just standing there to be beautiful. He is not the ultimate opinion, NOR HE IS PERFECT. You've got an opinion as much as he does. You earn your own money, you drive your own car, you listen to your favourite music! If he doesn't like it - don't just agree and stop enjoying it. Play it! He doesn't like those extravagant leggings of yours? Put them on! it's your body, it's your genuine, individual style. And we can definitely find your style of those. *visit shop section :D* If he doesn't wash the dishes after you two had already discussed that issue - leave those for few days and stop washing his clothes, too. Come on, guys - if you want mummy - go live with her instead. That's the deal. Don't stop working for him - he will wait for you to finish your tasks. Your attention is not always for him and him only.

3. THE heavy artillery.
You've gotta stop being obsessing or showing signs of jealousy. Why?
Because he LOVES it! Those men just adore attention and being special and irreplaceable and that is exactly what you're showing to them. Plus - you'll reveal your hurt ego and lack of confidence. You are a badass bitch so you'd better stop acting like a Golden Retriever. You so dope he can't replace you. That's ideally what your attitude must show. He wants to hang out? Don't you even dare to ask him" Who with?". Don't worry he's already prepared you will ask and he has his "with the guys" answer on hold. Surprise him and put that "don't care face" on. Don't wait for him at home - put your best stilettos and make sure you are home just right after he is. If he asks you " Where you're going?" Smile and say something with half of your mouth like " Am I on an interview, haha?" or " I'm not sure, we'll try a few new spots". If he asks you "How it was?", just giggle and reply with " It's late - let's talk tomorrow" and kiss him. I bet he won't sleep on clouds, sis. :D

Men somehow occupied the emblematic " Yeah, I'll meet you soon". But what the heck? You hate waiting for his call or text messages. Let's turn that up and down once and for all! Never ask him "When I will be seeing you?", instead, hurry up - get up from the bed fast, put your leggings and shoes on and say "Thanks. See ya soon" and leave as soon as possible. He will be shocked. Next time when he asks you "What are you doing on... Friday?. be like -> "Let me text you back because I'm pretty sure there was something I don't want to miss out." or "Happy you - I can't see it coming this week for sure!" Meheh. Or act absently and ask "... what's your opinion on dating other people? Just kidding." Yeah... your jokes will be burning him inside out.

Hold on Mr Stud. You are not prepared. Say bye to your side chics and try to stay sane here. Are you jealous? You've been acting a bit obsessive recently. I hope you feel better soon because I don't have plenty of time waiting for your good mood.

PRO TIP: In order to remind you that he is not that perfect. Update your blacklist when he fails. WRITE IT DOWN. Seriously.

- He's talking with his mother twice a day.
- He doesn't know what a rose gold colour is.
- He can't change his tire.
- He one kicked the dog.
- He forgot to take out the trash.
- He is an egghead.
- He s playing stupid games.

LITERALLY E V E R I T H I N G that annoys you. That's how you'll get over him if something happens. Just in case. :D Plus you won't see him as an ideal partner for whom you need to change and close your eyes constantly.

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